December 9, 2020

As most of us are looking at spending the holidays at home this year, we may not be thinking too much about what we wear. But personally I think we still need to see out the year in style, even if it's an extra comfy style!

Here are some fantastic pattern choices to make yourself or your family a 2020 holiday outfit:

Coastal Crossover (Buttons & Bibs)

This dress/tunic comes in both adult and kids sizes. The adult version includes optional Full Bust pieces. The snug fitting bodice can be worn braless - perfect for 2020 right?? And it's super comfortable too!

Yorkshire Cardigan & Pullover (Toby K Patterns)

This cozy sweater is also both dressy and comfortable at the same time - perfect for a relaxed holiday at home!

Mabel, Sugar Pea, and Split Pea (Goober Pea Designs)

These beautiful knit dresses are also very comfortable, perfect for dressing up at home.

Copeland Cardi (Tie Dye Diva Patterns)

This layering piece is a perfect complement to a holiday dress, like the Coastal Crossover for example!

Bazzle (Eunoia Patterns)

This cozy fitted top/dress has a ton of options and can be dressed up or down, as you like it!

Rogue Cloak (Buttons & Bibs)

The cozy Rogue Cloak makes the perfect sweater to cuddle up on the couch and watch a holiday movie! Or if you're in a milder climate, wear it as a jacket to go for a walk and see the Christmas lights.

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