January 12, 2021

***Updated June 15 2021 to add more free patterns!

December can be a really expensive and busy month, so we wanted to take some time in January to first slow down, and then to focus on getting back into the swing of sewing with some amazing things – FREE patterns!

Several of our designer partners offer free patterns, many of which are quite quick, easy, and satisfying makes. Some of these patterns can be found just by checking out their websites, some have free codes in their groups, and others are free with codes that are given when you sign up for a newsletter.

We will host an annual Free Pattern sewing challenge in January - want a reminder email when it is coming up? Sign up for our newsletter!

1. Dinkytown Beanie (Toby K Patterns)

First, something that is super useful for many of us in this colder month, a beanie hat (or toque if you're Canadian!). Toby K Patterns offers their Dinkytown beanie (teen & adult sizing) for free with a code that can be found in their Facebook group. If you aren’t already there, join Toby K. Patterns and check out the pinned post for the code!

2. Snuggle Bunny Poncho (Goober Pea Designs)

Another excellent item for the cold is the Snuggle Bunny Poncho from Goober Pea Designs. The basic version of this pattern ranges from size 18 months to 14 youth and is also car seat safe. Perfect for keeping warm in a seat without any extra bunch in the back! This pattern is delivered in the welcome email after signing up for the newsletter here. You will also get the Talia Tiered Dress.

3. Talia Tiered Dress (Goober Pea Designs)

Goober Pea Designs also offers the Talia Tiered Dress with a size range from 0-3 months to 14 youth for free. This dress has a perfect skirt for twirling! This pattern is delivered in the welcome email after signing up for the newsletter here. You will also get the Snuggle Bunny Poncho.

4. NICU Blanket (Little Sewist Studio)

Little Sewist Studio offers their NICU blanket for free on their website (go check it out here) This cozy blanket has 4 different styles and can be made by a first time sewist, or someone who has a lot more experience. An excellent feature (especially if you have a younger child who wants to learn to sew) is that this pattern tutorial is geared toward young readers. Little Sewist Studio really sets their patterns up to help kids feel confident in the learning process and final products – they are absolutely worth checking out!

5. Elemental Tee (Buttons & Bibs)

For a year round staple, here's a free tee shirt you don’t want to miss:
The Elemental Tee is from Buttons and Bibs Patterns and it is a GO TO! It ranges from size 00 to 38+ and has a ton of different options. A knit tee that is meant to be fitted but not too snug - a comfortable and stylish top for sure. You can grab this one for free by signing up for their newsletter here.

6. Liv Skirt and Rugam Skirt (Sofilantjes)

There are a couple of great free patterns for littles over at Sofilantjes. The Liv skirt ranges from sizes NB to 93/10 (134-140).  It has a yoga waistband and pockets! They also offer their Rugam skirt, also for knits, which ranges from size 9-12 months –11/12 years. This one also features a yoga waistband and has great twirl! These patterns are available once you join the Sofilantjes Patterns Sew and Show group – head over and check out their announcements.

7. 18" Doll Pajamas (Designs by Call Ajaire)

Call Ajaire has a great page on their website dedicated entirely to freebies! Here you can find the Nini Noni Nightwear for 18" dolls (no code required) as well as the Maillot Swim Skirt (mentioned below) and some other freebies.

8. Maillot Swim Skirt (Designs by Call Ajaire)

Call Ajaire has a great page on their website dedicated entirely to freebies! Here you can find the Maillot Swim Skirt (bikini bottoms with attached skirt), Nini Noni 18" Doll Pajamas, Thumbs Up Potholders, Sand Free Beach Tote, Needle Organizer Pincushion, and a free sleeve add on for the Classic Maillot swimsuit pattern (not a free pattern). These are available without code and are great small, fun sews. 

9. Cozy Cowl (Lavender Sewing Patterns)

Lavender Sewing Patterns also has a great section dedicated to freebies! (view them all here) The Cozy Cowl is perfect to keep you warm until the weather changes! There are some super handy options here, including the Laundry 2 Bag and Knitting Pouch. Also a great Scrappy Bag for busting those scraps. You'll need to sign up for their newsletter to get the code to order your free patterns.

10. Transformation Tee (Unleashed Patterns)

Another fantastic staple tee by Unleashed Patterns - this is a short sleeved tee with a modest scoop neck, in sizes 0-30, drafted for drapey knits such as brushed polyester and bamboo or rayon jersey. You can find the code in their Facebook group to get this pattern free.

11. Open Back Top (Tie Dye Diva Patterns)

This adorable kids top for woven fabrics is free with newsletter subscription - you can sign up here and the pattern will be sent to you! There is also a great selection of other free patterns (including a doll dress and face mask) in the free section of the website, no code necessary!

12. Summer Lovin' Hat (Muse of the Morning)

This children's bucket hat is a fun reversible sew, and free to download directly from the blog post.

13. Wise Mr Owl Stuffie (Muse of the Morning)

Muse of the Morning has many great felt stuffie patterns in their shop, and this cute little owl is the perfect way to try out hand sewing with felt and see if you enjoy it! Hand sewing can be very relaxing, especially cuddled up on the couch watching tv while you do it - something you can't do with machine sewing! Get the pattern here.

Muse of the Morning also has a great selection of embroidery patterns in their shop, and you can try out their free Rainbow embroidery pattern here.

14. Peanut Tote Bag (Uh Oh Creations)

This great tote pattern is free with no code required. You can get it here on the Uh Oh Creations website.

15. Bluebell Bow (Peony Patterns)

Peony Patterns is known for their beautiful woven children's dresses (and a couple of knit dresses too!) and embroidery patterns. This beautiful bow is a great freebie they offer here on their website, no code required. They also have a free inseam pocket that can be added to any of their dresses - you can find that here.

16. Boxed Zipper Pouch (AppleGreen Cottage)

AppleGreen Cottage offers the boxed zipper pouch free here on their website without code - you can also get access to plenty more freebies by signing up for their newsletter!

17. Market Bag (AppleGreen Cottage)

AppleGreen Cottage offers the Market Bag pattern free here on their website without code - you can also get access to plenty more freebies by signing up for their newsletter!

We hope that you get a chance to collect and make some of these awesome free options. It’s always so appreciated when a designer can offer us something for free! Make sure to take some time to see what else these great designers offer as well. We’d love to see your makes in the Sew PDF Pattern Showcase Facebook group, or tag us over on Instagram (@sewpdfshowcase)!

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