November 17, 2021

This is the first post in our series about how to sew with knit fabrics! These will all be accompanied by videos, and this first one is a long one, but well worth it (and it does have time stamps so you can scroll to the marked chapters if you would like to!).

Before you sew with knit fabric, you need to choose a knit fabric for your project, and this can be tricky - you have to make sue the fabric has the correct type and amount of STRETCH, and for many projects it will need adequate STRETCH RECOVERY, and you need to choose a fabric with an appropriate amount of DRAPE OR STRUCTURE for the style of garment, and an appropriate WEIGHT.

We cover all of these terms, as well as specific categories and types of knit fabrics (ever wondered what is modal, pointelle, DBP, ribbing, liverpool, ponte, etc?), in the following video. There are even examples of some of the fabric types sewn into garments, to give you ideas of what to make!

YouTube video

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