June 11, 2021

Do you have bins of small fabric scraps sitting around waiting for the right project? Here are some great projects that feature small pieces!

1. Twisted Tank by Titchy Threads

A fun tank top for kids can be a great way to use smaller pieces of knit fabrics! The Twisted Tank offers a great diagonal color blocking option and a front pocket.

2. Beachcomber Clutch by Needle & Anchor

The beautiful Beachcomber Clutch is a perfect way to use up small woven fabric scraps, or even knits - just apply some interfacing to the back! This clutch makes a perfect accessory to go with any outfit.

3. The Cufflet by Make It Last Patterns

Use your smallest knit scraps for this handy wrist wallet! The Cufflet comes with a variety of sizes and the pattern requires no assembly - just print, cut, and sew - no taping pages together!

4. Doll Clothes

Max & Meena's "The Hoodie" and "The Jogger" patterns (besides being fabulous grow-with-me patterns for kids!) come with adorable doll versions - a fantastic way to use up knit scraps!

5. Rose Underwear

Underwear are a fabulous scrapbuster, and once you try making your own, you'll never go back to store bought. The Rose Underwear come with a couple of different cheeky cuts, and they fit amazingly well!

6. Sunshine Coast Hat

This summer hat pattern comes with sizes for babies, kids, AND adults - and it can be made with either woven or knit fabrics. The Sunshine Coast Hat includes both lined and unlined versions - and the lined is reversible!

7. I Glove You Mitten

This adorable handholding mitten makes a fantastic gift, and you can use up your scraps at the same time! Make a pile of I Glove You mittens for Valentine's day or other special occasions.

8. Gold River Adventure Dress

This overall dress (for woven or knit fabrics) uses plenty of small pieces, and the best part is that they are nearly all rectangles, so you can cut them to dimensions if you want, and print just 2 pages for the bibs! The Gold River Adventure Dress also comes with a lot of different skirt styles to choose from.

9. Slipper Boots

Goober Pea Designs offers two great slipper patterns - one drafted for knit fabrics (Canmore Cuddle Boots) and one for wovens (Rocky Mountain Slipper Boots). Both come in several heights, with or without cuff, and in baby/youth and adult sizes.

10. Hip 2 B Square Tee

This t-shirt pattern for babies a kids has a big size range and plenty of small pieces - perfect for scrapbusting! The Hip 2 B Square offers a fun vented sleeve option, along with multiple color blocked options, and a basic tee.

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