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Instant download PDF sewing pattern for size adjustable car seat poncho (adjusts from baby to approx 5T).
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The Goober Pea Pod is a size adjustable car seat poncho with detachable hoods, to fit from baby right through toddler sizes.

Style Options:

  • Three construction methods: size adjustable with no zipper, size adjustable with zipper, and the no-snap method with zipper (not size adjustable – hood is sewn on).
  • Size adjustable options have hoods that snap on and off, in 3 sizes – 0-12m, 2T-3T, and 4T-5T. The neck hole also adjusts in size to make sure all cold air is shut out, using the unique snap method.
  • Cape comes in two lengths – regular, which generally works for baby through at least 3 years old and often up through 5 (depending on the child’s height and how much leg coverage you want); and extra tall, which is too long for newly walking toddlers, but works well for ages 2 and up, with better leg coverage for the upper ages.
  • Optional bear or cat ears are included for the generously sized 3 piece hood.
  • Pattern includes optional snap covers, to wear the cape comfortably with no hood.

Difficulty Level: Confident Beginner. Video clips are included for several steps.

Recommended Fabric Types:This poncho can be made from both woven and knit fabrics (see suggestions below). Suggested fabrics include fleece, sweatshirt fabric, french terry, minky/chenille, etc.

Fabric Requirements and Supplies: (per layer, based on directional fabric)

  • Regular cape – 1.25 yards
  • Extra tall cape – 1.5 yards
  • The hood pieces will fit within the cape yardage for 60″ wide fabrics.
  • For 45″ wide fabrics, add an additional .25 yards
  • 1 meter=1.09 yards
  • For the zippered capes: 1 separating zipper – 18″ for regular cape or 20″ for extra tall
  • Supplies for the size adjustable capes: Snap pliers or press and snaps (20 sets for the cape, 6-10 sets per hood)

NOTE: The number of snaps to install can seem overwhelming at first. However, the benefits of versatility and functionality are well worth it. It may take some playing around to figure out the right combination to achieve the best fit for your child. But, once you have the right combo, you can leave most of the snaps together, and only undo a few on one side of the hood in order to slip it over the child’s head. There are detailed instructions and photos included for not only the snap installation, but also which snaps to match together for each sizing combination.

Print Options: Letter/A4, and A0 (copy shop) - both with layers

Projector File: Yes

Seam Allowance: 3/8" (8mm) included

Pattern Piece Features:

  • Trim or trimless page assembly
  • All important info provided on pattern pieces for easy reference (seam allowance, grain line, size labels, cutting instructions, pattern name, top and bottom for directional prints, etc.)

Tutorial Features:

  • Imperial and metric measurements throughout the tutorial
  • Sizing information
  • Fabric requirements
  • Detailed printing instructions
  • Detailed pattern assembly instructions
  • Detailed sewing instructions with photos, illustrations, and some videos

Additional information

All prices are in US Dollars. This listing is for an instant download PDF sewing pattern, not a finished item. *please do not sell or distribute this pattern, purchase is for one copy only*


If you have any questions about this pattern or your account/orders/downloads etc, please contact If your question requires further technical knowledge of the pattern than we can provide, we may direct you to the designer for additional assistance.


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