Canmore Cuddle Boots for Adults (Goober Pea Designs)


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Instant download PDF sewing pattern for sizes 4 womens to 16 mens (US shoe sizes).
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The Canmore Cuddle Boots are a slipper boot with a huge size range, FOR KNIT FABRIC (check out the Rocky Mountain Slipper Boots for woven fabrics). They have a variety of heights from ankle boot to knee height, with or without cuffs, and an optional zipper (helpful for tucking pants into the boots). They are drafted for stretchy knit fabrics, with negative ease in the calf, and zero ease in the foot. Pattern pieces are provided in Regular, Wide, and Narrow foot widths, and detailed instructions are provided for adjusting the width at the ankle and calf, for a perfect fit every time!

This pattern includes adult sizes 4 womens to 16 mens (US shoe sizes) - there is another pattern with kids sizes available, or a bundle with kids and adults sizes.

Use code BOOTS to save 30% when combining this pattern with the Rocky Mountain Slipper Boots (for woven fabrics)

SKILL LEVEL REQUIRED: Certain aspects of this pattern are more intermediate level, such as the enclosed seam sole option (reversible for the pull on boot!) and the size blending techniques for a customized fit. However, they are certainly doable for a confident beginner that does well following detailed instructions, and the boots can be made in the recipients shoe size without adjusting for ankle and calf measurements. The sizing is based on US shoe sizes and will fit similarly to store bought shoes and boots – though the calf and ankle may be a bit bigger in the larger adult sizes, as they were graded to include all shapes, versus store bought boots that usually only fit smaller calves and ankles.

The exposed seam sole option is definitely beginner level, and I suggest that beginners try this method first, before attempting the enclosed seam sole.


Difficulty Level: Confident beginner

Recommended Fabric: Knit fabric with minimum 50% stretch such as french terry, fleece, sweater knit, stretch sherpa, etc.

Print Options: Letter/A4 and copy shop - both with layers

Seam Allowance: 3/8" (1cm) included

Pattern Piece Features:
-Trim or trimless page assembly
-Cuff pattern pieces (cut chart also available in tutorial)
-adjusted toe piece for easy size blending (smaller or larger ankle)

Tutorial Features:
-Imperial and metric measurements throughout tutorial
-Size Chart: 8.125"-12.5" (20.6-31.8cm) foot length
-Finished measurements chart
-Fabric requirements chart
-Instructions for grading between sizes
-Assembly layout
-Detailed tutorial with illustrations and some video links

Additional information

All prices are in US Dollars. This listing is for an instant download PDF sewing pattern, not a finished item. *please do not sell or distribute this pattern, purchase is for one copy only*


If you have any questions about this pattern or your account/orders/downloads etc, please contact If your question requires further technical knowledge of the pattern than we can provide, we may direct you to the designer for additional assistance.


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