I'm Liesel and I've been sewing for over 20 years.

Becoming a mom has inspired me to sew for kids and I enjoy sewing for my two sons and all my other favorite kiddos. I just started sewing more for myself this year and it's been really fun. As if I needed more hobbies, I like photography and filmmaking and adventuring with my boys.

Check out my recent makes below!

THE Hoodie & THE Joggers by Max & Meena

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

Heather Raglan by Lavender Sewing Patterns

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

Domi Joggers by Sofilantjes

Shop this pattern here.

Not So Cold Shoulder Sweater by Amelia Lane Designs

Shop this pattern here.

VersatiliTEE by Buttons and Bibs  

Shop this pattern here.

Berlin Tee by Toby K Patterns

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

Aureum Racerback Top, Tunic and Dress by Sofilantjes

Shop this pattern here.

Canmore Cuddle Boots by Goober Pea Designs

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

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