I’m Laura (she/her).

I’ve been sewing since I was a kid but much more frequently in the last 7 years or so. Wearing something new that I’ve made makes getting up and going to a day-job much brighter. I also sew for my spouse (he/him) which is fun because he always surprises me with his choices. After bouncing through so many creative stress outlet hobbies in my lifetime, I think what’s kept me hooked on sewing is how there’s always a new personal goal or challenge to set for myself and never enough time to get bored.

Check out my recent makes below!

Cadence Tights by Amelia Lane Designs

This version is the Double Pocket Hack - check it out here on the blog!

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

Dream Tee by Amelia Lane Designs

The first photo shows the Dream Tee without any modifications. Picture 2 I used the low scoop neckline and added decorative cross bands. I made dress length but then gathered the sides with elastic. Picture 3 I raised the neckline and shorted the sleeves. I added cuffed sleeves as well.

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

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