Hi, I'm Keri!

I love sewing for myself because I can finally get a perfect fit on my curvy figure while matching patterns and fabrics to my personal style.

I use primarily knits, but I don't really have a favorite type of knit fabric because I really enjoy using different materials with a variety of patterns for a variety of fits.

I'm an unapologetic print mixer! For some reason, I have a really difficult time using pure solids with anything and will almost always find myself using another print as a coordinate.

Check out my recent makes below!

Rogue River Joggers (Teen/Adult) by Toby K Patterns

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

Bazzle by Eunoia Patterns 

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

Heather Raglan by Lavender Sewing Patterns

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

Luna Leggings by Eunoia Design

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

Not So Cold Shoulder Sweater by Amelia Lane Designs

One thing that I really love about Amelia Lane Designs patterns is that they all have a series of blog posts with step-by-step hacks and modifications, so I can get a completely different look from one pattern that I already know fits me well. I’ve made a couple cold shoulder shirts for myself before, so this time I was inspired to use three different modifications - “warm” shoulders, bishop sleeves, and side seam ruching. Amazing details to transform a simple black top without having to buy a separate pattern. 

Shop this pattern here.

Yorkshire by Toby K Patterns

My husband has only ever worn hoodies before so this was a new style for him, but he's been wearing it non-stop because he loves the cozy collar and comfy fit!

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

Victor V Neck and Reversible Beanie by Rain City Pattern Company

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

VersatiliTee by Button & Bibs

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

Papillon Tank by Eunoia Designs

Shop this pattern here (affiliate link).

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